Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

Starting a business in Delhi, or anywhere else, calls for serious thought and preparation. Choosing the appropriate business structure for a venture is one of the most important decisions entrepreneurs must make. There are numerous possibilities in Delhi, each with its own requirements and advantages. In this post, we'll look at Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi, the requirements, the paperwork, and why business owners should think about it.

Different Business Structures

Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

In India, one of the most common business formats is a private limited company. Registration is necessary with Delhi's Registrar of Companies (RoC) and Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). This structure has a separate legal entity and provides its stockholders limited liability protection.

Limited Liability Partnership  (LLP)

A more recent type of corporate structure known as an LLP combines a partnership's adaptability with a company's limited liability protection. It needs to be registered with the Delhi LLP Registrar. LLPs are the best choice for small companies with numerous partners.

One-Person Company (OPC)

OPC is comparable to a private limited company, except it can be founded with just one stakeholder. It offers limited liability protection and enables business owners to function as independent legal entities.

Partnership Firm

A company structure comprising two or more people is a partnership firm. It needs to be registered with the Delhi Registrar of Firms. Partners in a partnership firm split the company's assets, liabilities, and earnings.

Sole Proprietorship

The most straightforward business structure to establish is a sole proprietorship. The company is owned and run by a single person, and no official registration is required. However, the business's debts and liabilities are all individually owed by the owner.

Requirements for Registering a Private Limited Company in Delhi

Entrepreneurs must be eligible for private limited company registration in Delhi. These standards consist of:

  • A minimum of two directors and stockholders. However, stockholders and directors may both be the same people.
  • At least one director must be a resident of India, which means they must have spent at least 182 days there in the previous calendar year.
  • Every company that conducts business in Delhi is required to have a registered office there.
  • The company's directors will require a director identity number and a digital signature certificate to authorise online filings and submit applications.

Documents needed to register a Private Limited Company

Entrepreneurs must acquire the required paperwork to start a private limited company in Delhi. These records consist of:

  • All directors and shareholders must provide identification and address proof, such as a PAN card, Aadhaar card, voter ID, passport, or driver's license.
  • All directors' Director Identification Numbers (DIN)
  • All directors' digital signature certificates (DSCs)
  • Financial statement.
  • A leasing agreement or a property registration certificate are acceptable forms of identification for the business location.
  • For rental properties, the owner must provide a No Objection Certificate (NOC).
  • Directors' passport-sized photos

Process oF Private Limited Company Registration in Delhi

Let's get started with the step-by-step procedure for company registration in Delhi now that we are familiar with the many types of business structures, eligibility requirements, and required paperwork.

Determine Eligibility

As a first step, ensure you meet the prerequisite eligibility requirements for the preferred business structure. To help you navigate the procedure, you should speak with specialists or reputable service providers like A Rehan & Company.

Obtain legal documentation

Collect all the necessary legal papers once you are convinced that you qualify. This includes assigning each director a director identification number (DIN) and a digital signature certificate (DSC).

Choose a Name

The following step is to apply to reserve a name for your business. You have a maximum of six choices for the company name. An appropriate name will be assigned based on the results of an online search conducted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Drafting legal documents

It's time to draft the company's legal documents after the name has been reserved. The Memorandum of Association (MoA) and Articles of Association (AoA) fall under this category. To ensure the correctness and compliance of these documents, it is advised to contact legal counsel.

File for incorporation

You can now submit for incorporation with the Registrar of Companies (RoC) in Delhi once all the necessary legal paperwork is in order. Forms INC-7, INC-22, and DIR-12 must be filed to comply with the regulations.

Pay the processing fee and stamp duty.

When the application is filed, you must pay the required stamp duty and processing charge to the RoC. The regional RoC office in Delhi will examine and verify all the given information. They will issue your business a Certificate of Incorporation if everything is in order.

Register for taxes and obtain certificates.

After receiving the Certificate of Incorporation, you can move forward with the application process for a company PAN card and TAN number for tax purposes. You might also need to register for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and other necessary licenses, depending on the type of your firm.

Why should you register a private limited company?

There are several reasons why business owners should think about the GST Registration Company in Delhi. Among the advantages are:

  • Separate legal existence and identity: A registered company in Delhi has a distinct personality and a separate legal existence from its owners.
  • Limited liability: The shareholders and directors are afforded limited liability protection by incorporating as a business. This means that in the event of commercial debts or legal disputes, their assets are not in danger.
  • Property ownership: One benefit of company registration in Delhi is leasing or owning real estate in your name. This gives the company stability and flexibility.
  • Transfer of ownership: Through the transfer of shares, businesses in Delhi can transfer ownership from one person to another. Planning for succession is made possible by this.

How A Rehan & Company Can Be Helpful?

Registering a private limited company in Delhi can take much time and effort. For this reason, consulting professionals like A Rehan & Company can be advantageous. They can help you every step of the way and ensure all legal standards are met.

A Rehan & Company offers company formation, legal document drafting, tax return filing, and continuing compliance support. Their team of professionals can assist you in navigating the complexities of registering a private limited company in Delhi and guarantee a quick and easy procedure.

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