Internal Audit Services in Noida

Internal Audit Services in Noida

Internal audit services are crucial in improving governance and accomplishing organizational goals by offering independent assurance on the efficacy of an organization's risk management and internal control systems. Being one of the top internal audit services providers in Delhi and the NCR region of Gurgaon and Noida is our goal at A Rehan & Co. Chartered Accountants. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable chartered accountants applies a methodical, disciplined, and uniform approach to evaluate and enhance the efficacy of risk management, control, and governance procedures.

What are Internal Audit Services?

A methodical and impartial assessment of an organization's governance, risk management, internal controls, and operations is provided by internal audit services. It is carried out by an independent internal audit team that reports directly to the board of directors, an audit committee, or by a combination of co-sourced and outsourced teams. By evaluating the organization, the auditing team also makes sure that it complies with relevant laws, rules, policies, and industry standards. They also look for gaps in the organization's compliance and offer suggestions for closing them. Organizations also conduct EQA regularly to reassure stakeholders that their internal auditing services adhere to industry standards.

Advantages of Internal Auditing

In the dynamic business landscape of Noida and Delhi Arehan & Company stands out as a trailblazing firm that offers unparalleled internal audit services. There are several advantages that our internal audit services provide to businesses, such as:

  • Improved governance and accomplishment of organizational goals.
  • Identification and reduction of fraud and error risks.
  • Evaluate the organization's internal control operations' efficacy and efficiency to implement necessary corrective measures promptly.
  • Adherence to the relevant internal policies, rules, and laws.
  • Enhanced procedures for risk management.
  • Locating possibilities for cost reduction and operational improvement.

Objectives and scope of internal auditing

The size, structure, and needs of the organization's management determine the scope and goals of the internal audit. Usually, one or more of the following domains are where our team operates:

  • Examination of the internal controls associated with the accounting system.
  • An analysis of how operating and financial information is managed.
  • Evaluation of an organization's financial controls and overall operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Physical inspection and validation.

The following are the objectives of internal audit that we strive to meet for our clients:

  • Confirmation of the financial, accounting, and statistical records' authenticity, dependability, and accuracy.
  • Verifying that while preparing the financial accounts, established accounting policies, principles, and practices were followed.

Guarantee that the assets are acquired or disposed of with the appropriate authorization and that only authorized individuals can access the assets during approved hours.

Guidance Note on Internal Audit

To help internal auditors apply the International Internal Audit Standards (IIA Standards) in India, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has released a Guidance Note on Internal Audit (GNIA). Internal auditors in all industries, including the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, should use the GNIA.

Why should you use A Rehan & Company for internal audit services in Noida?

Arehan & Company: Pioneering internal audit services in Noida and Delhi, NCR. At A Rehan & Company, we know our client's difficulties in controlling risk and accomplishing their goals. We provide internal audit services that are customized to satisfy their unique demands. The following are some causes for picking us:

  • Risk-based Approach: To achieve our client's goals, our skilled auditors use a risk-based approach that centres on their constraints and goals.
  • Consistent Executive Ordinances: We have enhanced our services to ensure consistent executive ordinances across global internal audit practices.
  • Specialized Knowledge: We provide knowledge for audit work in specific fields like revenue assurance, project monitoring, fraud investigations, and system implementation.
  • Industry Experience: Our professionals work with clients in the manufacturing, telecom, education, textile, and consumer sectors.
  • Solutions That Are Realistic and Practical: Our services can help you and your counsel by providing thorough, methodical solutions beyond dependable reporting.
  • Value Creation: Our experts and services are focused on creating value and providing you with vision and insight for the entire company.

In summary, regarding internal audit services in Noida and Delhi NCR, Arehan & Company sets the standard for excellence.


Who Can Serve as an Internal Auditor?

The Board of Directors may designate any other professional as the internal auditor, including cost accountants and chartered accountants (whether or not they are practitioners). However, Arehan & Company is the industry leader in excellent internal audit services in Noida and Delhi NCR.

Who must appoint an Internal Auditor?

While the appointment of an internal auditor is mandatory for listed companies, unlisted public and private companies must meet specific standards to ascertain whether they must do the same.

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